Pat Murphy’s Accused Killer Now Starring in New Netflix Series (2024)

Megan Hall, the woman accused of killing Pottsville businessman Pat Murphy back in 2019, is now starring in a new Netflix series called Jailbirds: New Orleans.

The 3-episode of the series dropped on Friday and Hall is using the name Magen.

Jailbirds: New Orleans obviously focuses on inmates locked up in the city, specifically at the Orleans Parish Justice Center, which houses both males and females. A previous season of this series aired back in 2019, known simply as Jailbirds, that ran for 6 episodes and was based in Sacramento, California.

Based on what Hall says in the first episode, it was recorded in January 2020. Hall says she’d been locked up for 11 months. It’s the first time anyone’s seen Hall since her mugshot was released and photos of her from the past resurfaced online.

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And obviously, this is the first anyone here will have heard Hall speak. She hasn’t had the opportunity to speak publicly since her arrest and her legal team has been relatively silent over the last couple years.

Hall has been in prison since surrendering herself to police back in early-March 2019 after being named the prime suspect in Murphy’s death. She faces life in prison if found guilty of second-degree murder. Hall is also up on armed robbery and obstruction of justice charges, too.Her murder trial was set to begin on Monday, Sept. 27, in New Orleans, but was delayed once again, this time by Hurricane Ida. No new trial date is set.

Hall is accused of stabbing Murphy to death at The Empress Hotel in New Orleans’ Treme section back on Feb. 28, 2019. She and Murphy went there that night and although they arrived together, she was seen on surveillance footage leaving alone a few hours later.

She tells show producers on camera that a “big trial” is coming up in her case and can’t really discuss details. Hall does say, however, “Basically, some things happened and I ended up here on a murder charge.”

In Episode 2, she divulges a little more about the time leading up to that fateful encounter with Murphy. But she doesn’t mention anything about her alleged profession.

“I was living free, doing what I wanted to do. I came with two of my friends from Memphis and we were just down here for Mardi Gras. We were out drinking, just having fun. We were supposed to be out partying. One thing led to another and a situation occurred,” she says.

“I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared. I just gotta keep pushing and being strong because I’d break down if I wasn’t mentally strong enough for it,” she continues.

Pat Murphy’s Alleged Killer Appearing Now in New Netflix Series, Jailbirds: New Orleans

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“Magen” is formally introduced on the series and she’s seen talking to a corrections officer through the glass in her cell door. She’s apparently on lockdown at the time because she “wanted to fight and stuff” but she just wants to keep to herself in prison because she feels disadvantaged and that no one really has her back in prison on account of not being from New Orleans. Hall says she’s from Memphis in the show.

She says she wants to fight because if “they see you’re not going to stand your ground, they feel like they can do whatever to you. If they feel like they can run you, it’s over for you.”

Hall sounds like she believes she’ll eventually get out of prison, even though she faces a mandatory life sentence if found guilty of second-degree murder. Or at least, not stay in a New Orleans prison for the rest of her life.

“This is the most messed up city I’ve ever been to,” she tells the camera. “New Orleans is an evil city.”

Hall confesses to being lonely in prison.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the first couple episodes involving Hall:


Hall features prominently in the first episode, especially an incident over commissary items.Because Hall is on lockdown at the time the first episode was recorded, she was unable to get any supplies from the prison store. Her confrontation with another inmate over a deal they allegedly had is played out.

It’s pretty clear she has a hard time keeping to herself.

Toilet Telephone

Pat Murphy’s Accused Killer Now Starring in New Netflix Series (3)

We first see Hall appear on the show early in Episode 1, Hall’s explaining how she enjoys using the inmates’ unique “telephone” system where they empty their toilet bowls and use a makeshift tube to talk through the pipes, mostly to male inmates housed in the facility.

Hall also says she’s met her “future husband” through the prison toilet telephone system. She says his name is Brian Wayne (or Wade) but she calls him Fu Fu. Hall uses a rolled up newspaper as her talking tube, which she shoves into the drain of the toilet in her cell.

In the second episode, Hall is seen with two other female inmates in a bathroom yelling out a window trying to talk to Fu Fu. She says her and Fu Fu’s relationship has been going on for about 3-4 weeks.

“I love him because he’s helping me forget about a lot of sh** that’s going on,” she says.

Never Has She Ever

Hall is seen playing a game of “Never Have I Ever” with other inmates in which she refuses to admit that she’s “been with more than 1 person at a time” but none of the other inmates believe her. We don’t see her answer to the question if she’d ever had sex with someone old enough to be her dad.


Pat Murphy’s Accused Killer Now Starring in New Netflix Series (4)

In Episode 2 of the series, Hall is seen at a disciplinary hearing over the commissary incident. She gets a penalty of 5 days on lockdown in her cell for trying to “beat the system”. That’s in addition to the term she was serving already, presumably for fighting.

As a prison disciplinary committee – made up of corrections officers at the jail – renders their decision over the commissary incident, Hall appears to get choked up hearing that she needs to spend another 5 days on lockdown.

Her time on Episode 2 ends with guards moving her from her cell to another block, cutting off her toilet communication with Fu Fu. But toward the end of Episode 3, Hall reconnects with Fu Fu through the toilets in E block but hangs up on him by flushing the toilet, filling it with water.

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Pat Murphy’s Accused Killer Now Starring in New Netflix Series (2024)
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