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List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (1)

The following is a list of characters featured in the Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Main characters[]

ImageNameVoice actorDescription

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (2)

BlazeNolan NorthBlaze is a male Monster Machine who loves racing and adventure. He is a brave, kind-hearted, and loyal monster truck who lives in the town of Axle City with his best friend AJ. He asks the viewers at home to help him on his many adventures, and always manages to solve them in the end. His signature power is Blazing Speed, which allows him to go super fast for his engine. He can also transform into any kind of machine or artifact to get the job done. Blaze is one of the two co-hosts of the show, the others being AJ.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (3)

AJDusan Brown (Season 1)
Caleel Harris (Season 1)-(Season 3)
Ramone Hamilton (Season 4)-(Season 6)
Jakari Fraser (Season 6)-present
AJ is Blaze's 8-year old best friend and driver. As a technology expert, he is very smart and knows all about different machines and types of science, and how each one works. He is equipped with various gadgets, like his skywriting gloves which allow him to draw pictures in mid-air, and his Visor View in his helmet which he uses to see things faraway. AJ is one of the two co-hosts of the show, the others being Blaze.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (4)

CrusherKevin Michael RichardsonCrusher is a male Monster Machine. He is caring, kind, nice, lovely and truthful. However, he also holds a rather mischievous side to himself, which results him into cheating. He's rather very confident in his actions but sometimes the results could result in a faulty action. (He is also sometimes reckless) He can also sometimes be whiny, clumsy and quite nervous at some points in the show. Because of his cheating habits and always expressing improper behavior, he may be the worst racer in Axle City.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (5)

PickleNat FaxonPickle is a small male Monster Machine who serves as Crusher's sidekick. He is shown to be innocent, ditzy and carefree, unlike the cheating Crusher. He's really polite unlike him, and is constantly watching over him and trying to get him to listen. Pickle is usually frustrated or worried whenever Crusher doesn’t listen, though he doesn’t mind on occasion.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (6)

GabbyAngelina Wahler (Season 1)-(Season 3)
Molly Jackson (Season 3)-(Season 5)
Luna Bella Zamora (Season 6)-present
Gabby is the 10-year old human mechanic in Axle City who runs the Axle City Garage. She's really smart and good with all types of tools, and can fix anything. She always carries her toolbox with her in case of a fix, and knows just the right ones to use. She often joins Blaze for his adventures. She also rides her ATV. She becomes the driver of Watts.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (7)

StripesSunil MalhotraStripes is a male Monster Machine with the abilities of a tiger. He is shown to be hyperactive and fun-loving for most of the time. He loves adventure, and hanging out with his animal friends. He’s also full of vigor and is always on the move.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (8)

StarlaKate HigginsStarla is a female cowgirl Monster Machine. She is shown to be hard-working and laid back. She's spunky and courageous, always willing to help anyone in need. She loves lassoing and running her farm, and doing all sorts of cowgirl moves.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (9)

DaringtonAlexander Polinsky Darington is a male Monster Machine who loves doing tricks and stunts. He strives for attention and excitement, and true to his name, is a complete daredevil, loving to perform stunts of any kind. Despite this, he has a soft spot for his friends, and more often than not, ends up surprised by challenges Blaze faces.

List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (10)

ZegJames Patrick StuartZeg is a male Monster Machine who's half truck and half dinosaur. He has a very boisterous personality, acting as the “big guy” of the Monster Machines. He is always full of energy and is always active, and is also strong. He tends to often get overexcited at times, especially whenever there’s something new. Zeg speaks in a low, Hulk-like voice. He uses broken English, omitting linking verbs, and refers to himself in third-person.
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List of Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (2024)


Is AJ a boy or girl on Blaze? ›

AJ (also known as A.J.), is an 8-year old boy and the deuteragonist in Blaze and the Monster Machines, Blaze's driver and his best friend.

Who is AJ's girlfriend in Blaze and the Monster Machines? ›

AJ Is Going To Marry Gabby Let's See What Happens. At The Park.

Is Pickle from Blaze and the Monster Machines a boy or girl? ›

Pickle is a small male Monster Machine who serves as Crusher's sidekick, and one of the main characters of Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Is Blaze and the Monster Machines ok for kids? ›

All the educational content is age-appropriate for the show's preschool audience. Many episodes also incorporate basic skills such as counting and color identification.

Is AJ in Crazy Ex Girlfriend? ›

Clark Moore (born 1991) is an American actor and writer. He is best known for the role of Ethan in the film Love, Simon and the role of AJ on the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Does Blaze have a sister? ›

Sparkle (voiced by Julieta Cortez) is Blaze's younger sister.

Who is Blaze best friend? ›

AJ. Blaze's best pal and driver, AJ, is a thrill seeker who loves to drive fast, fly high, and make a big splash. AJ is a technology expert who knows all about different machines and how they work.

What ethnicity is AJ from Blaze? ›

Judging by his skin tone, AJ might be Caribbean or African. For the first eleven episodes and season 5- early season 6, AJ's voice actor did his own singing, but for the rest of the series, AJ had a singing double for the songs.

Does Crusher ever win? ›

Crusher is overjoyed that he and Blaze won the race together, and Blaze and AJ are proud of him as they always knew they could do it. Best of all, he did it without cheating. As Crusher celebrates, he crashes into an ice cream stand; upon tasting, he giddily says, "Tastes like winning!"

What is pickle real name? ›

Pickle 'Pee Wee' on "Swamp People" is Cheyenne Wheat, also called Pickle. She's a gator hunter and reality TV personality, known for her appearances on the show. Pickle 'Pee Wee' raised in Poydras, Louisiana, she comes from a family deeply rooted in alligator hunting.

How old is crusher in Blaze? ›

Crusher, the cheating Monster Machine
Type:Monster truck (Age 18-23)
Residence:Axle City
Occupation:Monster Machine racer Cheater
10 more rows

What kind of car is Blaze? ›

Blaze is a convertible monster truck based on multiple trophy trucks and pre-runners, specifically the first-generation 2010-2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, 2013-2014 STX and/or FX4.

Are Blaze and Crusher friends? ›

They were probably good friends, playfully competing against one another. But when Blaze discovered his 'blazing speed' powers, it drove him and Crusher apart.

Is it OK to take a 2 year old to Monster Jam? ›

While we generally wouldn't recommend Monster Jam for families with young kids, you might consider them ready to go if they are willing and able to keep ear protection on and aren't afraid of loud noises. If you're looking for a hard number, we'd say age 4 and up.

Is AJ a female? ›

It's a nick name. IF a girl has those two initials, then you could call her AJ. But it's, historically a boy's nick name.

Is AJ a boy or girl in AJ and the Queen? ›

Ruby finds out AJ is actually a girl, and that AJ is short for Amber Jasmine. AJ's phone gets left behind at a diner on the interstate, but Ruby is on good terms with the waitress, and arranges to pick it up on the way back. Later, Ruby goes through AJ's backpack looking for his own phone and discovers a Jasmine doll.

Is Blaze male or female? ›

Being the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, Blaze is a very skilled fighter. She is arguably one of the strongest female characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, being the only female so far who has been able to tie with Sonic in combat.

Who plays AJ on Blaze and the Monster Machines? ›

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