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84 hoursBoostBeautiful sweetheart looking for real humans.£95Fox TerrierAge: 1 year3 femaleMira, Maya and Hurshy waiting to be fortunate enough to join a new, caring family. Each of these dogs is ready to be rehomed from a caring person who can give her time and love. Each dog is castrated,TEODORA S.ID verifiedBanstead(12.5 miles away)45 hoursBoostBelgian malinois, rehoming needed! £75Belgian Shepherd DogAge: 1 year1 femalePlease only message if you have knowledge and are serious about this breed and have experience! This is pinky! Pinky is nearly 2 years old, she is a domestic dog and does not come from a working lineKatie F.Grays(20 miles away)Rescue/Charity177 hoursBoostAdorable Abbey£695Mixed BreedAge: 6 months2 male / 2 femaleAbbey is living with a young child, 2 cats and another dog, she is a very playful and very sweet natured little puppy. Abbey is likely to grow to approx 15 -18kgs. As soon as Abbey sees you she comeDogsnHomes RescueID verifiedFleet(34.9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity147 hoursBoostLoveable Larry£250Mixed BreedAge: 1 year2 maleMeet the loveable Larry, just over a year old, this little lad is looking for his forever home. He housetrained, travels well in the car, isn't destructive, plays well with other dogs he knows and isDogsnHomes RescueID verifiedFleet(34.9 miles away)Rescue/Charity

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66 minutesCoco£300PomeranianAge: 7 years1 femaleA very friendly loving dog who is great with children and people, not fussed by other dogs but has lived with a border Collie for 7 years happily. She is low maintenance and enjoys her food. She lovesCHRISTOPHER C.ID verifiedMidhurst(44.3 miles away)320 minutes3 year old female looking for adoption £200RottweilerAge: 3 years1 femaleThis gorgeous girl is looking for her forever home- homes will be thoroughly vetted. Preferably only dog or can live with a medium to large male- this is an neglect case that came to me I am her fosteMaria C.Farnham(34.9 miles away)57 hoursco*ckapoo for sale£150co*ckapooAge: 9 months1 maleWith a heavy heart we decided to find a new home for our 10 month old co*ckapoo Teddy. With 2 little children we realised that we've bitten of more that we can chew. Teddy is brilliant lovely dog, greRadka C.Sittingbourne(37.5 miles away)18 hoursBeautiful nala in need of a loving home £75Labrador RetrieverAge: 5 years1 femaleNala is a very placid and well behaved dog she loves walks and to fetch a ball , she is good with children never barks and good with cats , she is good in the car and good with other dpgs , unfortunatLisa R.Brighton(46.6 miles away)Rescue/Charity69 hoursDear little companion£250MalteseAge: 10 yearsDear little Bear has tragically lost his mum and dad and therefore needs a new loving forever home. He is a very handsome 10 year old, sweet, adorable, castrated Maltese lad who weighs approx 4 kiloPart of the Family Dog RescueBedford(49.4 miles away)Rescue/Charity79 hoursBeautiful dachshund for rehoming£200DachshundAge: 1 year1 maleSadly my brother is having to rehome his 1.5 year old dachshund due to a change in personal circ*mstances. We really have tried to avoid rehoming him but unfortunately have no choice. I would happily Amrita G.Bedford(40.4 miles away)109 hoursBoostRehome £75American BulldogAge: 4 years4 year old American bulldog looking for a loving family. Unfortunately my circ*mstances changed a year ago and I can no longer provide him with the time he deserves due to working hours and young children. He has been raised with cats and dogs, great with children and loves to play. I am not looking for any payment for him. This is a really tough decision I have taken a yCarly A.Benfleet(29.4 miles away)Rescue/Charity129 hoursBoostGinger Beer£495Mixed BreedAge: 1 year1 femaleMeet Ginger (beer) we named her litter of six puppies after soft drinks, so thought it only fitting she should be called Ginger Beer. She's a lovely young girl that wants to be loved and will make a great companion. She gets on well with other dogs and has also met young children.DogsnHomes RescueID verifiedFleet(34.9 miles away)Rescue/Charity110 hoursWanted £300German ShepherdAge: 1 yearI am looking for a medium/large sized dog to add to my family and be a friend and emotional support dog for my daughter who has anxiety/autism, her dog died last year aged 16 who was a staffie. I havekerry h.Reading(37.6 miles away)511 hoursBoostGerman shepherd boys- £75German ShepherdAge: 3 years2 maleHello. We are looking for a lovely home for our two German shepherd boys, Bobby and Buddy. Bobby has very good temperament and Buddy is extremely protective but also the softy. We had them since they were puppies. We absolutely love them, but unfortunately have not been able to give them the time and exercise they need. Took us 2 years to decide that it is for the best to Hema B.Edenbridge(21.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity1311 hoursBoostGorgeous Dasha needs her forever home!£400Mixed BreedAge: 7 monthsDasha is a gorgeous, sweet and affectionate girl with a happy personality. She attracts admiring comments with everyone she meets. Dasha is approx. 8 months old. She weighs about 12kg. She is microchipped, fully vaccinated and neutered. Dasha is a dog who needs love and support from her human. She loves nothing more than a cuddle which helps her relax and is her safe and LAPA Helping Animals in RussiaLondon(5.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity311 hoursBoostCane corso female for adoption £75Cane CorsoAge: 2 years1 femaleShe is a lovely dog neutered healthy We have 3 dogs and she starts to be a little aggressive around them When she is alone she is like a baby We need someone with no kids please Alex F.Dagenham(10.8 miles away)Rescue/Charity713 hoursIsla would love a home!£420Mixed BreedAge: 6 years1 femaleIsla has just arrived to the rescue. She lived in a home since a puppy for about 5 years and was given up due to personal circ*mstances. It's a huge change for her but she is doing her best to adapt. Love UnderdogsWaltham Abbey(14.4 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity1616 hoursBoostLovely Loyal Lisa£250Mixed BreedAge: 4 years1 male / 1 femaleLisa is a beautiful 4-year-old cattle dog from Portugal (albeit with 14% Chihuahua and 14% Segugio Italiano) who is looking for a new loving home. Adopted at just 4 months old, she has been living happily with a family that includes young children. Unfortunately, due to a recent tragedy, they are heartbroken and need to find a new home for this wonderful dog. Lisa is exceDogsnHomes RescueID verifiedEsher(14.5 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity8216 hoursLovely Leia£560Mixed BreedAge: 3 yearsWould you like your own princess? Leia is a very sweet girl that desperately needs a lot of love, one to one attention, socialising and security in a new home with someone who has experience of a nervPH Rescue Cranleigh(29.8 miles away)Rescue/Charity



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Dogs for adoption in London | Pets4Homes (2024)
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