A Cornucopia of Craigslist Classifieds – The Boston, Massachusetts Edition (2024)

In this meandering journey looking at Craigslist classifieds from around the United States, let’s journey way east to that little hamlet of Boston, Massachusetts. With a population of 663,000, it’s roughly 75% the size of Indianapolis but the Boston Metro area has 4.6 million, making it the tenth largest metro area in this country.

Naturally there are many more automotive pickings in Boston than in Indianapolis, such as this 1971 Rolls Royce. Go figure.

One can almost see this Rolls sweeping some old-moneyed Bostonian around the Beacon Hill area, stopping at the high-end grocery to get some Grey Poupon.

For those who need to be exposed to this bit of marketing genius, here’s what I’m referring to.

We all know that Rolls Royce is not a volume manufacturer, focusing on quality over quantity. In that vein, here’s something likely even more rare….

A 1962 Mercury Monterey S-55 convertible.

Fresh out of a thirty year storage, this Mercury is one of 1,315 made and it’s almost ready to do a Paul Revere and blast through the Massachusetts countryside – or what’s left of it. It isn’t perfect, but who is?

If that Mercury is still too common, here’s a 1975 Bricklin. Like the Mercury, it’s powered by a Ford V8.

Years ago, I remember seeing a Bricklin routinely parked on Bloomfield Road in my birthplace of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I never knew what it was at the time, but it was so different from all the Olds Cutlass Supremes floating around that it left a distinct impression.

Scanning these ads is admittedly a snapshot in time. However, so many of the cars I keep finding in Boston are cars you will never have to worry about seeing its twin in the grocery store parking lot.

Case in point is this 1984 Dodge Rampage, specifically a Dodge California Shelby Rampage. Does this sound strange or look like it’s concocted from a regular L-body Shelby Charger of the era?

Such a thing is legitimate and only 218 were made; from the information I found, this trucklet is the real deal Shelby Rampage. Sold only through a few Southern California Dodge dealers, these mini-pickups are also sometimes referred to as Direct Connection trucks.

Claimed to be even more scarce than the Shelby Rampage is this 1989 Maserati Zagota Spyder, with only 138 imported.

Swoon if you will, but this Maserati leaves me cold. Perhaps that is due to the last Maserati I saw was a Quattroporte that had sat languishing outside a repair shop for at least three years. Maybe I’m just partial to simplicity and being as subtle as a sledgehammer on the forehead. Speaking of…

This 1990 Mazda RX7 convertible fits that description. Somebody sh*t-canned its rotary engine for something that might have less finesse but is certainly capable of its intended mission.

It’s powered by a Chevrolet 350. Is there anything that has never been powered by a 350???

Moving back toward, but still a long way from, being as common as rain water is a somewhat challenged 1964 Chrysler 300 K, arguably the first of the Chrysler K-cars. Keeping with the rare theme, Ma Mopar made 3,022 of these.

No joking, but some 1980s era K-car derivatives were even more rare.

Perhaps equally challenged, and surprisingly more interesting, is this 1925 Studebaker Special 6. Outside of a bullet nose Studebaker in Colorado that has appeared everywhere (even on the Craigslist UK site), this is the first Studebaker I’ve found. And it’s a good one too, not some run-of-the-mill Lark.

If the side seems generic, the front isn’t.

While it’s been called many things, the front of a ’58 Edsel isn’t generic, either. Advertised as still being on the road, this Edsel was simply too good to not include as it falls in line with my methodology – under $6500, older than 1990, unusual to see, actually located in the area, and preferably still on the road.

Long may she live.

Winning the award for Best Subliminal Messaging is this 1985 BMW 325e. Overall the car looks to be in reasonable to good condition with 160,000 miles. But this is the lead picture. It simply makes me think: If somebody doesn’t buy it, I’m shoving the S.O.B. into this lake.

But I’ve been wrong before.

One I’m fairly confident isn’t wrong is saying a 3/4 ton Jeep is a rarity. This is a 1980 J20, which the owner suspects was purchased new by the military.

Likely a car not purchased new by the military is this 1976 Pontiac Can Am. While I’m not a fan of many of GM’s Colonnade cars, this one really turns my crank in a good way.

Sadly, it really looks like a New England car. While production was meager, at least most parts interchanged with the LeMans which is beneficial as this one needs a lot of love. This had been a great looking car.

This last car puts us at finding one in three cities out of four.

1986 Merkur XR4TI, anyone? This one is the best looking one yet.

Boston has definitely been the most eclectic, so perhaps I need to aim for a bigger city and one down south so rust isn’t an issue. What do you think – Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta?

A Cornucopia of Craigslist Classifieds – The Boston, Massachusetts Edition (2024)
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